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A Proper Skincare Routine for In Between Facials

A Proper Skincare Routine for In Between Facials

Being the largest organ in our body, the skin is exposed to dust, dirt, and toxins in the environment. A good skincare routine in between facials is an essential step in keeping your skin healthy. Regardless of all of the facial treatments, facial procedures and world-class skincare products, the skincare routine you follow plays a major role in keeping your skin youthful looking, healthy, and glowing.

Daily cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing are the essential steps in a skincare routine. If you skip your daily skincare routine, you are not fully committed to looking after your skin. Depending on your age, health status, and skin condition, your skincare routine may change with different approaches and products, but the three steps below are important.

1. Cleansing Your Face

Any makeup or skincare routine starts with proper cleansing of the face. You need to wash your face at least twice a day using a gentle face wash that is not harsh on your skin. Choose an organic face wash that works for your skin type and concerns, and if you need help ask for my professional advice. Make sure you avoid face washes or cleansers that remove healthy oils from your skin. Do not skip cleansing your face twice a day, as it accumulates environmental dirt and dust during the day, and even overnight. The best way to start a day is by cleansing your skin. When you wash your face in the morning and at night, again use a gentle, organic face wash.

You may have to add a makeup remover before applying a cleanser on your face at night. If you apply makeup throughout the day, a normal cleanser wouldn’t be enough to clean the face. Going to bed without removing makeup should be strictly avoided for long-term skin health. 

2. Apply Organic Serums and Creams

Once the skin is thoroughly cleaned, you can apply the creams and serums as required. During the day, you may need serums that protect your skin from UV rays. For example, you can choose a Vitamin C-based serum for sun protection though this is not a replacement for your sunscreen. At night, you can use a retinol-based facial skin care product that promotes the repair and rejuvenation of the skin. Ask for my professional advice as a professional skin care and facial specialist in the Doral and Miami if you need help figuring out the best organic skincare products for your skin. 

Apart from serums, you can apply an eye cream to reduce dryness and puffiness around your eyes. Make sure you apply the cream properly around your eyes to improve the product’s effectiveness. You can use products for treating your specific skin challenges too. For example, if you are worried about pimples or break-outs, you can choose a facial skin care product to prevent it. Ask for my help!

3. Moisturize and Hydrate

The final step in the skincare routine is to apply the right organic moisturizer that suits your skin type and condition. If you are someone who has oily skin, you may have to use a gel-based moisturizer as this gets absorbed more quickly. For people with dry skin, an oil-based moisturizer is recommended. On a general note, stay organic and avoid moisturizers that contain artificial or added scents. 

After applying moisturizer at night, you can use a face oil to lock the moisturizer in while you sleep. For daytime, you may have to use  sunscreen so that your skin stays protected from the harmful rays of the sun. If used properly, sunscreens provide a set of benefits which include preventing hyperpigmentation, avoiding wrinkles, and more. Make sure any sunscreen you use is organic and free of harmful chemicals.

Having a good skincare routine has several benefits – from slowing down the signs of aging to keeping your skin healthier looking and glowing daily. The basic steps are above, but to determine an advanced skincare routine for your skin type and condition, please do ask for my professional guidance at an appointment.

I provide facials in Miami and the Doral area of Miami. My approach to skin care and beauty is to provide you with the safest, organic, gentle facial treatment services, facial procedures and skin care facial products and professional skin care advice you need as a Facial Specialist.

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